Wholesale stock clothes and shoes


07 Oct

TOM TAILOR clothes wholesale | More information: info@w-o-w.lt

04 Oct

E5 (Lerros, Brax, Liberty Island, Piere Cardin and etc.) wholesale | More information: info@w-o-w.lt

10 Sep

NEW! GEMO shoes for kids | More information: info@w-o-w.lt


We are one of the biggest wholesale clothing distributors in Lithuania. Our company offers original, high-quality, branded apparel, shoes and accessories for affordable prices. We focus on collaboration with a wide-range of fashion companies and businesses. We emphasize the importance of a long-term partnership, therefore our greatest goal is to ensure all our clients a pleasant service and comprehensive answers to all your questions. We highly encourage contacting our sales team directly and discussing all the details.

We successfully distribute branded apparel for more than 10 years. Our stock is beloved by many companies and worn worldwide. In addition, our supply includes clothing for men, women and children and we sell not only clothes but accessories and shoes. High dynamics in our stock makes us even more popular and likable. Our collection consists of clothes which are fashionable and chosen according to the latest fashion trends. Create your trendiest supply with our apparel!

Our company distributes wholesale clothes in mixes, created by seasons, brands and sizes. This is a perfect option for companies wishing to buy different clothes in large quantities for a wholesale price. Everything can be found in our stock online catalog so feel free to have a look at it. In addition, all our supply can be found in our warehouse, located in Lithuania, near Vilnius. If you have any questions or wish to discuss the buying procedure with our sales team, they are always ready to help. Buying wholesale clothes has never been easier so don't hesitate and start exploring!



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