Costa Rica clothing wholesale

Costa Rica literally means the Ritch Coast and it really worth this name. People there wear business clothing, official dresses and full suits with dressy shoes just for every day. Traditional clothing includes long and wide, brightly coloured women dresses with lots of ruffles and men shirts with colourful neck ribbons. These, however, are not worn casually anymore. People simply follow Western fashion:  men choose jeans or other long pants, and girls go for super short mini-skirts. All these can be found in our wholesale clothing catalogue, where online you can observe very fashionable and dressy clothes, perfectly suiting Costa Rica for your customers: men, women, baby and children.

Offering wholesale clothes worldwide, we can always answer to your question „Where to buy wholesale clothes“. If your company is located in Costa Rica (San Jose, Limon, San Francisco, Alajuela, Liberia or any other place), we can definitely distribute our wholesale clothing to you. You can buy our distributed supply in convenient and cheaply-priced mixes, selected by categories, brands such as CALVIN KLEIN, VERSACE, NIKE, etc. and seasons. If you would like to explore and buy our supply of wholesale clothes, take a look at our online catalogue or contact our sales team. A personal visit of our warehouses, located in Lithuania and Germany, can be arranged. We are ready to answer all your questions and kindly invite to try a pleasant buying experience at cheap wholesale prices from our company.

For more information please contact to our sales managers by telephone or online (on skype), we will be happy to attend to any of your enquiries: