Côte d'Ivoire clothing wholesale

This French name is given to a West African country, also known as the Ivory Coast. Ivory is known as the colour of elephant tusks – this mostly reflects in country’s beaches but not in people’s clothes. Women and men there are wearing mostly bright simple clothes such as long wrapped skirts and tube dresses. Fabrics in the Côte d'Ivoire are painted in detailed geometrical prints. These also appear on country’s high-fashion clothes such as party dresses and shirts. In addition, many necklaces and earrings are used by women. Men usually wear toga-reminding clothes on white shirts for official occasions and shorts with simple t-shirts for casual wear. All of clothes, needed for travelling to Côte d'Ivoire for men, women, baby and children can be found in our wholesale clothing catalogue which can be found online.

Our wholesale clothing supply is distributed all over the world. No matter if your boutique, outlet or bigger company is located in Abidjan, Bouake, Daloa, Korhogo, Yamoussoukro or San-Pedro – if you are looking where to buy wholesale clothes for your Ivorian clients, our supply is exactly what you need. Our wholesale clothes are bought and distributed in very convenient mixes, created by seasons, brands and categories. Our wholesale clothes are bought worldwide not only for adults, but baby and children as well. We offer a huge variety of high quality, cheap and originally branded clothes. All our distributed supply can always be found in our online catalogue but if you would like to visit our warehouses, located in Lithuania and Germany, you are always welcome. All your questions about our supply and general buying in wholesale quantities and cheap prices can be answered by our sales team so don’t forget to keep in touch with them.

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