Wholesale stock clothes and shoes

Being a global distributor, our company represents countries which we are collaborating with. If you have your business established in one of those countries, don't hesitate to contact our sales team and make an order - you can be sure that we can deliver our goods to your country.

Another important aspect is a huge, world-wide range of brands we are working with. Many countries have their exclusive designers, representing their distinctive style and way of living. We kindly encourage our clients to explore both well-known and undiscovered local brands from all over the world.

Finally, all countries have their own traditions and historical heritage, a part of them are still in use and in other parts of the world innovations are taking their place. It is very important to know such details both when traveling to the particular country and establishing your business there. What do women wear there? Will people be interested in a specific supply? What seasons are dominating? Are all kinds of clothing is appropriate there? One will find answers to these and a lot more questions in our countries' articles. 

For more information please contact to our sales managers by telephone or online (on skype), we will be happy to attend to any of your enquiries: