Iran clothing wholesale

In this breath taking mountainous land people very strongly follow Muslim traditions. Women cover their heads and sometimes whole body in loose, long garments and men always choose long pants and shirts. It is good to know that Western ties, men pony-tails and jewelleries are not accepted in Iran. However, young generation is becoming more and more cosmopolitan in the view of fashion – girls tend to cover just part of their hair, use colourful hijabs and combine them with Western jeans or shirts. Chador is a very common and quite unique Iranian Muslim clothing that covers body and hair and is held in hands. Surprisingly, traditional Iranian fashion is far less modest and very colourful. It reminds other middle Asian countries with a huge amount of golden embroidery and highly decorated head jewelleries. Similar jewelleries and both authentic and modern clothes can be found in our wholesale clothing supply. All our offered women, men, baby and children clothes can be found in our online catalogue.

Though earlier in Iran western clothes such as jeans and suits were considered unapropriate, nowadays they are very popular. Especially Iranian young generations are eager to buy western clothes so if you are looking where to buy wholesale clothes for your Iranian clients, our supply, which is distributed in every country all around the world, is the best option. We offer wholesale clothes for babies and children, men and women. Our online catalogue is full of beautiful, trendy wholesale clothing, suiting every person and occasion. Luxurious and simpler - we have a huge supply of clothes, distributed at cheap wholesale price. Our offered wholesale clothes are original and manufactured by the best known brands worldwide such as NIKE, VERSACE, STEFANEL, etc. No matter if your company is located in Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, Karaj, Tabriz - we can distribute your bought goods anywhere. If you have any questions of want to buy our supply at cheap wholesale prices and big quantities, contact our sales team and we will answer all your questions.

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