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BLEIFREI wholesale clothing

"Bleifrei"clothes wholesale. “Bleifrei” clothing is like a part of Italy which points out the diversity of women. We are proud that we can offer “Bleifrei” clothing  wholesale sold for wholesale prices.

We suggest you a wide assortment of “Bleifrei” clothes stock. Production are formed into mixes which are made of dresses, blouses, trousers skirts, jackets and specific clothing categories. If you arrive to our warehouses you can explore not only "Bleifrei" clothing stock, but also other products of more than 80 famous manufacturers (around 700 000 goods). Professional managers will help you to choose the best option that is suitable for your marketing method in a warehouse of more than 5000 square meters.

You can find “Bleifrei” clothes wholesale ant its examples here on the Internet in our catalogue of goods.

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