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MASSANA wholesale clothing

"MASSANA" clothing wholesale. “MASSANA” – Spanish manufacturer that designs romantic and elegant clothing and accessories for women. The company’s assortment consists of women’s blouses, shirts, trousers, dresses, belts and scarves. We can also offer you “MASSANA” women's clothing wholesale sold for wholesale prices.

Please visit us and have an opportunity of seeing “MASSANA” clothing and accessories wholesale sold the way they look in reality, whereas the experienced managers will help you to choose from more than 700 00 various products. Please take a look here at the examples of “MASSANA” clothing and accessories stock stored in our warehouse.

We offer only carefully sorted clothing and accessories tidily packed in bags or boxes. We will quickly deliver your order. Our team speaks 7 foreign languages therefore in case of any questions about wholesale prices of goods, mixes of clothing, payment terms or other you will not have trouble of getting advice.
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For more information please contact to our sales managers by telephone or online (on skype), we will be happy to attend to any of your enquiries: