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NIKE wholesale clothing

We offer NIKE wholesale clothing for clothes’ selling companies. World-famous brand produce athletic and casual wear for men, women and children. Today’s athletes certainly need comfort but they are looking for more: latest fashion trends and best performance-providing apparel. Thus NIKE clothing is definitely worth considering – this American corporation is engaged in design and developing of all their sporty clothes. Furthermore, NIKE offers colourful footwear and useful accessories. Founded in 1964, this company now is one of the biggest sporty apparel manufacturers. It dresses many professional athletes and teams worldwide. Almost everywhere recognized trademark ‘Just Do It’ can become one of the most popular logos in your supply so don’t hesitate to check out our wholesale catalogue.  

We distribute original NIKE apparel in bulky quantities for many clothing selling companies worldwide. We are one of the leading NIKE wholesale suppliers, chosen by e-shops, boutiques, outlets and even big clothing retailers and wholesalers all over the world. Our fashionable supply can be shipped to any country so if you are interested in buying our distributed branded apparel, it doesn’t matter where your company is established. We are experienced and trusted suppliers, working with more than 100 world’s top brands since 2005. Our distributed apparel is loved and worn by thousands of people worldwide. Our stock contains more than 700 000 clothing, footwear and accessory items and you can discover them via our online catalogue or by visiting our huge warehouses, located in Lithuania and Germany. All our supplied clothes are high-quality originals, sold in cheap wholesale prices. 

Being one of the leading NIKE wholesale suppliers, our company distributes only original and best-quality apparel in cheap wholesale prices. Our stock contains many different and convenient NIKE clothing mixes, selected by style, seasons and clothing types. To a question “where to buy original wholesale clothing” we always have an answer. Discover our distributed fashionable clothes in the online catalogue or arrange a personal visit of our huge warehouses located in Lithuania and Germany. All questions about buying our clothes, different mixes’ possibilities and prices will be answered by our great sales team, which is always ready to help.

Pleasant buying experiences and happy clients are our primary goal so we work to ensure: 

• original, high quality products
• delivery of your order door to door
• packing the products in original packages or boxes
• shipping of the order within 1-2 business days
• comprehensive descriptions of our products 
• answering all your questions
• team, speaking seven foreign languages

For more information please contact to our sales managers by telephone or online (on skype), we will be happy to attend to any of your enquiries: