Wholesale stock clothes and shoes


Fast clothing is an essential part of our everyday. SANDRO FERRONE offers a revolution – high quality clothes at a completely affordable price is unseen in quick fashion. Ready-to-wear clothes are often very expensive but SANDRO FERRONE shows that new clothes can be bought every week. Apparel for men and women is a very important detail which needs a lot of efforts to be complete. Luckily, SANDRO FERRONE offers beautiful bags and accessories and your client’s won’t need to spend an hour for finishing the line. These trendy clothes are meant for all women and men and no doubts that you should visite our online SANDRO FERRONE wholesale clothing catalogue for a perfect casual wear. 

We distribute original SANDRO FERRONE apparel in bulky quantities for many clothing selling companies worldwide. We are one of the leading SANDRO FERRONE wholesale suppliers, chosen by e-shops, boutiques, outlets and even big clothing retailers and wholesalers all over the world. Our fashionable supply can be shipped to any country so if you are interested in buying our distributed branded apparel, it doesn’t matter where your company is established. We are experienced and trusted suppliers, working with more than 100 world’s top brands since 2005. Our distributed apparel is loved and worn by thousands of people worldwide. Our stock contains more than 700 000 clothing, footwear and accessory items and you can discover them via our online catalogue or by visiting our huge warehouses, located in Lithuania and Germany. All our supplied clothes are high-quality originals, sold in cheap wholesale prices. 

Our company is a SANDRO FERRONE wholesale supplier, distributing clothing in convenient mixes. All our mixes contain only original high-quality clothes, selected according to season, clothing types, styles and brands. Take a look at our SANDRO FERRONE mixes via online catalogue or visit our 5000m2 warehouse, located in Lithuania, near Vilnius. Our apparel is always distributed in cheap wholesale prices. If you don’t know where to buy SANDRO FERRONE apparel; if you are interested in buying our wholesale clothes or have any questions about our stock content or clothing wholesale in general; if you can’t find mixes that suits your supply - always contact our sales team for all needed information. Our greatest aim is to make our clients happy and ensure them pleasant buying experiences.

Thus we guarantee:

• only original, high quality clothes, footwear and accessories
• Fast delivery of the orders door-to-door
• Safe and careful packing and selection of our products
• comprehensive answers to all your questions
• communication in seven foreign languages, including English, Russian and German 
• always growing supply and improving service

For more information please contact to our sales managers by telephone or online (on skype), we will be happy to attend to any of your enquiries: