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TOM TAILOR wholesale clothing

"Tom Tailor" men's and women's clothing wholesale. „Tom Tailor“ – the brand of clothing and accessories designed for men and women of various age. The company has its stores even in 35 countries worldwide (India, Russia, Spain, Poland, Estonia, etc.). The company designs men‘s T-shirts, jumpers, trousers, women‘s blouses, dresses, scarves, jeans, sweaters, etc.

Currently we can offer you women's and “Tom Tailor” men's clothing stock: women’s dresses, blouses, trousers, jeans, scarves and belts sold for wholesale price.
The examples of women's and “Tom Tailor” men's clothes stock you can find in our online catalogue of products. Our aim is to ensure satisfaction with wholesale of “Tom Tailor” clothing of even the most demanding customers, therefore we offer only original products.

We deliver our products quickly and in tidy packages. Our team speaks more than 5 foreign languages. Should you have any questions about “Tom Tailor” men;s and women's clothes wholesale please contact us! Contact our sales manager who will gladly provide you with necessary information and will help you to choose the best options from our assortment that consists of more than 700 000 goods.

For more information please contact to our sales managers by telephone or online (on skype), we will be happy to attend to any of your enquiries: