Mauritania clothing wholesale

Mauritania is a striking cultural diversity, where Arab and African traditions joins together. Often just a drive-through country, Mauritania is well worth longer visit itself. Traditional clothing also reflects cultural bonds – men usually wear Arab-like dark turbans on their heads, long shirts or robes, which remind wide tunics and women wear more African-style dresses and headbands. Also women wear wide wrapped up fabrics as their clothes. These fashion details are still popular in Mauritania. Of course, Muslim women cover their head with clothes, similar to chadors which are colourful and patterned. All kind of clothing is selected mostly not by fashion trends but country’s difficult climate. Thus visitors are advised to cover their head and face while in deserts and don’t forget sunglasses and hats. All these can be found in our online wholesale clothing catalogue, which is perfectly fitted for all: women, men, children and even babies.

Mauritania is one of our supply destinations, including its biggest cities such as Nouakchott, Nouadhibou, Rosso, Boghe, Kiffa and others. We distribute our wholesale clothes all around the world. Our distributed supply can be bought in mixes, created according to brands, seasons and categories. Our main clients are various clothing boutiques, e-shops, outlets and even great retailers and wholesalers. Your Mauritanian buyers will be definitely satisfied by cheap prices, quality and design of our wholesale clothing. Our distributed wholesale clothes can be found in our online catalogue and during the visit of our warehouses in Lithuania and Germany. Our sales team is always ready to answer all your questions about our supply prices, distribution and where to buy wholesale clothes for Mauritania customers. We are happy to provide the highest service quality and always pleasant buying experience in cheap wholesale prices.

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