Paraguay clothing wholesale

This country is often just a drive-through for people, visiting South America. However, it shouldn’t be – extremely diverse Paraguay has a lot to offer. There are many poor villages as well as bustling modern towns, nature in Paraguay is spectacular and people especially friendly. Their culture is not so different from other Latin countries – women have festive traditional dresses, that are colourful, ruffled and wide and men add a scarf on their neck, big hat ant are ready to celebrate. In addition, mountain people have different fashion, which is especially nice – very bright and colourful dresses are matched with similar blanket and flat, circular headdress. Nowadays people dress similar as anywhere else in the developed world. However, they love to match western fashion with traditional one – wearing jeans and traditional shawl or wide trousers with a t-shirt is considered one of the best choices. Similar clothing can be found in our online wholesale clothing catalogue, where you will find Paraguay-like clothes for men, women, baby and children.

No matter if your clothing selling company (e-shop, outlet, boutique, etc.) is located in Asuncion, Ciudad del Este, San Lorenzo, Luque, Capiata. We distribute our supply of wholesale clothes all around the world and Paraguay is not an exception. We can always solve your dilemma where to buy wholesale clothes. Our supply is distributed in mixes, created according to seasons, brands, categories and so on. Having assortment, ranging from women office dresses or men pyjamas to children urban wear and baby shoes, we are sure that you will find something suitable in our online catalogue. We distribute both posh, luxurious and casual but cheap wholesale clothes. You can buy our wholesale clothing in cheap prices and huge quantities by contacting our sales team. They are always happy to answer your questions about wholesale buying. We wish you and your clients the best buying experience from our company.

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