Philippines clothing wholesale

Philippines is a dream country, located in Asia. Thousands of islands, bustling cities and gorgeous nature is only a tiny part of what Philippines have to offer. This country is highly developed and has almost no difference from Western countries in a sense of fashion. Its rich culture makes clothes even more authentic but modern in the same place. Traditionally women wear strong make up, luxuriously decorated clothes, and lots of jewellery. Official women’s clothing is usually referred as a “shirt and skirt” consist of different dressy skirts and luxurious blouse. This type of clothing has both Philippine and Spanish influence. Men’s traditional clothing is even more interesting – traditional shirt, decorated with embroidery, is made of pineapple fibre and worn with undershirt. Casual fashion is completely the same as western ones and can be found in our online wholesale clothing catalogue. There you will find great clothes for all: babies, children, men and women.

If you are looking where to buy wholesale clothes to your company, located in Philippines, we also have many suggestions. Our supply of wholesale clothes is very variable and global. We distribute wholesale clothing to any country, including Philippines. Our supply content is distributed in cheaply-priced but high-quality mixes, selected by categories, brands and seasons. No matter if you are from Manila, Cebu, Davao, Quezon or Cagayan de Oro – we will distribute your bought products in any city after 1-2 business days of preparation. All our distributed luxurious and cheaper wholesale clothes can be found in our online catalogue and in our warehouses, located in Lithuania and Germany. We offer our Italian buyers the most pleasant buying experience for wholesale prices.

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