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Men socks wholesale

Have you ever imagined life without socks? Any suit or winter boots cannot be wearied without these little clothing details. Our men’s socks wholesale contains colourful and classical, dark and bright ones- choose fashionable men’s socks with any prints and graphics. They can be short, long or ankle-heigh, light or thick. Breathable, moisture-wicking materials are used to create fashionable men’s socks, which are worn by all and everyone. As other clothes, socks’ assortment depend on the season. Our offered trendy and high-quality pairs of socks are one of the best investments as they are universal and very important in every wardrobe. Socks are becoming a great style detail - they are worn with business apparel and active-wear or leisure time.

Our clothing distribution company provides high-quality service as we distribute wholesale clothes of world's top brands such as WOW FEET, PUMA, KAPPA and many more since 2005. Our associate brands are distinguished by significant quality and style of their clothing, which is supplied by our company in wholesale price. If you are considering buying a great supply of wholesale men's socks for your e-shop, outlet or boutique, do not hesitate to check our online catalogue for all manufacturers and offers: see below. Our stock includes bright and colourful clothing, designed in various types and loved to wear by many people worldwide. In addition, all our stock can be found in two large warehouses, established in Lithuania and Germany. 

Our stock is created as mixes, selected according to brand and styles. We distribute well-designed clothes which are ready-to-wear. Take a look at our online catalogue or visit our 5000m2 warehouse near Vilnius. If you are interested in buying from our men's socks wholesale supply or have any other questions, contact our sales team. We work to ensure a satisfying buying experience.

Our team offers:

• door to door shipment of our products
• packing your order in original packages or boxes
• max. 2 business days of order preparation
• descriptions and composition of the order according to your request
• advice on tax issues
• team, speaking seven languages, including English, German, Lithuanian, Russian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.

For more information please contact to our sales managers by telephone or online (on skype), we will be happy to attend to any of your enquiries: