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Kids shoes wholesale

Wholesale kids' shoes. You will find the products of more than 80 world-renowned manufacturers in our warehouse, including children’s footwear. The latter assortment consists of very comfortable footwear of a rather high quality sold by wholesale and for wholesale prices.

We form wholesale of children shoes taking the seasons into account, therefore, we will always offer you footwear designed for spring / summer and autumn / winter seasons. We always carefully sort goods and pack them in boxes in order the delivered goods would surpass your expectations.

We also take care of logistics of goods from door to door worldwide and in order to avoid delay we prepare the goods for dispatch within 1-2 business days. If you wish to know more about children shoes wholesale, please contact our sales department. We seek the highest service quality, therefore, we:

  • - Will provide you an offer that will satisfy your needs and will provide you with information related to wholesale kids' shoes;
  • - Will invite you to our warehouse at the address Savanorių pr. 176, Vilnius 03154, Lithuania, where we will discuss all issues of concern and will familiarize you with the assortment the they it looks in reality;
  • - Will advise you on tax issues.

If there is any need for kids' shoes wholesale, please contact us!

If you have any questions about the price of wholesale kids shoes (or any other issues), please feel free to contact us by telephone or online (on skype):