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Men flip flop shoes wholesale

Fashionable beach stars always wear beautiful lightweight beachwear and flip flops. This casual footwear is usually made of rubber or other fabrics and is designed as a flat sole with a band going between the toe and the second finger. Our supplied men flip flop shoes can be found in bright and classical colours, decorated with the trendiest patterns or funny prints. Our flip-flops are made of high-quality materials so they are very long-lasting and totally fashionable. Our men flip-flop shoes are very popular and worn by most men during vacation or simply in summer time. Add foot-comfort to your summer clothing stock with our holiday-dedicated men flip flop shoes wholesale.

We are one of leading distributors of wholesale men flip flop shoes. Our company has been working with world's top brands such as BENCH, ADIDAS, PUMA since 2005 thus we are experienced and trustworthy suppliers. All our stock can be found not only in our online catalogues but in two warehouses, located in Lithuania and Germany, as well. Our distributed trendy-designed high-quality clothes and shoes are beloved by many retailers as well as e-shops, outlets and boutiques and worn by many men worldwide. We supply branded fashionable clothes in wholesale prices. Buying clothing in bulky quantities has never been easier - contact our sales manager for all needed information. 

Our stock is full of fashionable wholesale men flip flop shoes. We distribute well-designed clothes in mixes, selected by brands and seasons. Take a look at our online catalogue and if you have any questions about buying or prices, call our sales managers for more information.  Wholesale shopping has never been easier -  our managers are ready to answer all your questions. If you are unable to find products you were looking for, contact us with your request. Our supply is constantly growing so together with our managers you will find the solution. We wish you the best buying experience as clients’ satisfaction is our greatest goal!

We promise to ensure:
• Fast delivery of the orders door-to-door
• Safe and careful packing and selection of our products
• comprehensive answers to all your questions
• communication in seven foreign languages, including English, Russian and German
• always growing supply and improving service

For more information please contact to our sales managers by telephone or online (on skype), we will be happy to attend to any of your enquiries: